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NAME: Iola.
AGE: 19.
IM: wild swirl.
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RETURNING: Returning! I play Scathach, Nill, Gemma Doyle, and Rikku.

SERIES: Sherlock.
CHRONOLOGY: A Scandal in Belgravia, Christmastime.
CLASS: H...ero though really, nothing. SHE’S JUST A LAB ASSISTANT GOSH.

Molly first briefly appears in the episode A Study in Pink, where she tries to make small-talk with Sherlock (who is busy beating a corpse with a riding crop). This is obviously the worst thing to do, because instead of reciprocating, he notices that she’s wearing lipstick. At least he knows where to keep his eyes. Trying to save face, she awkwardly asks if he’d like some coffee, to which he responds “black, two sugars, please. I’ll be upstairs.” Shocked, she just says “okay” and actually goes to get it for him because that is the kind of person Molly is.

In The Blind Banker, she also has a short bit where she is minding her own business in the hospital cafeteria when Sherlock suddenly appears beside her, giving advice on what to eat. Again, small talk: even as she tries feebly to deny him access to some recently arrived bodies, it seems to go more Molly’s way, as he compliments her hair. Though she obviously realizes that this is just a way to get her to let him into the morgue, she takes the bait and takes out the bodies for him anyway, thus helping him prove to the new detective inspector that the two men were connected in a Chinese smuggling ring.

Molly introduces her new boyfriend, Jim, to Sherlock and John (whose name she cannot recall) while they are in the lab analyzing some shoes in The Great Game. While a bit embarrassed to have Jim there, she does seem enthusiastic for Sherlock to meet him. She is especially keen to note that they met in the hospital, and calls it an “office romance.” However, when Sherlock calls Jim “gay” in an offhand manner, her enthusiasm falls. She is embarrassed and livid that he would suggest such a thing, and even more upset when Sherlock mentions that she’s gained three pounds since he last saw her. After Sherlock delightfully explains his reasoning, she runs out of the lab without a word. Jim is, of course, Sherlock’s nemesis Moriarty—but Molly is completely unaware of that fact. She later breaks up with Jim at some undetermined time. Thus ends season one!

Season two opens with A Scandal in Belgravia. It’s Christmastime in London, and she arrives late to Sherlock and John’s flat, gifts in tow. She makes awkward small talk (again) with Mrs. Hudson, and Sherlock quickly tells her to not make jokes—she immediately obliges. Next she moves to Lestrade, and finally John. In each instance, Sherlock completely interrupts the conversation and lowers the celebratory mood a bit. He finally mentions that Molly must have a new boyfriend because she’s dressed to the nines and has a “perfectly wrapped” present in her bag. She’s even matched her lipstick to the wrapping paper. Molly stands dumbfounded as he makes his analysis of her, going so far as to say that she’s trying to “compensate for the size of her mouth and breasts” with the nice present.

Then, of course, he realizes the gift is for him.

“You always say such horrible things. Every time. Always.” This is all she can say to him at that moment. This is one rare moment in which Sherlock seems to regret what he’s said, and flusters for a moment before actually apologizing to her, even asking for forgiveness. Sherlock gives her a light kiss on the cheek, saying, “Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.”

And then she was brought to the City.

Sadly, Molly is not a very confident woman, especially in front of Sherlock. At thirty-one years old, she is still single and lives alone with a cat named Toby. She is socially awkward, good at putting on a happy face, and always tries to make small-talk when she feels embarrassed or unsure of herself. But this makes her endearing, which is probably one reason Sherlock goes to her for help—that and the fact that he can manipulate her pretty easily. Also, it’s apparently endearing to several other men because Sherlock refers to Jim as “one of her boyfriends” in Reichenbach Falls. Rather plain-looking, she does her best to spruce up her average appearance with a new hairstyle now and then, some make-up, a pretty dress. But it’s never enough for the one person that matters, even though she tries her hardest. She says “oh” and “um” quite often while speaking, always needing a moment to think about what she says because she knows that the second she doesn’t think, Sherlock will be all over her for it.

Just not in the way she would like, of course.

She has, obviously, a huge crush on him and would probably do anything he asked of her. All she really wants is his approval, and maybe a date sometime. She knows that the latter is least likely to happen, but a girl can dream. And that’s basically what Molly does—she dreams. She wants to be important to someone, just most of all Sherlock. She admires his intelligence, his ability to deduce basically everything from just a look (even when it hurts her), and he isn’t half-bad to look at. Her main problem is that she’s so fixated on him that she can’t really concentrate on anything (or anyone) else when he’s around. This isn’t to say that Molly isn’t smart herself—she is a lab assistant/M.E. at a major London hospital, and has access to expensive equipment and cadavers at pretty much all hours of the day and night. She’s experienced in her field of work, and isn’t bothered by gruesome injuries and such on bodies. The lab and mortuary are probably the two places in which she feels most confident of herself and her medical abilities.

To sum up, she is awkward, kind, timid, and hopelessly devoted to Sherlock Holmes.

Her first power is the ability to instantly fill any cup with any kind of coffee. Black with two sugars, indeed.

Her second power is a mild form of empathy/emotion control that can become stronger as she learns to use it.

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE[there’s a bit of heavy breathing, and high-heels clicking quickly across pavement. the person making the post is obviously female, and obviously nervous. she clears her throat once, twice. she tries to sound confident when she speaks, but just comes across as unsure and scared.]</small>

Um... Sherlock? Detective-Inspector—Someone? This is quite a funny game you’ve started, but I’d like—I’d like for it to stop now! –Please?

[she laughs nervously, as if it’ll help. when there’s no response, she fiddles with the comm a bit more, accidentally turning on the video function. say hello to molly hooper, in all her christmas finery. she’s frightened, startled, unsure of what to do. and also standing just outside the ‘porter building. thinking that nobody can hear her, her brow furrows, and she mutters under her breath:]

Where am I? And—where’s the snow? It was just snowing... wasn’t it? No, it was. I remember. So what’s happened? [pause.] Ah, that’s it. I’ve finally driven myself mad over him, haven’t I? I’m just... imaging this. Yes, that’s right. Nerves and all. Must be. I mean he did kiss me... maybe I passed out or something. Oh, God, I hope I didn’t! How embarrassing...

[there’s another pause, and then her face and tone fall. quietly:]

I hope... he liked my gift.

[and the feed cuts.]


Maybe tonight would be the night. Maybe tonight, he’d see that she was more than just a lab assistant he could take advantage of for her connections in the morgue. More than just someone who would bring him coffee any time he asked for it. It was Christmas. He had to be feeling something on Christmas. Right?

No, not right. He didn’t like holidays. They were foolish to him. But he’d been happier since he’d started living with John, she could tell. Maybe happier meant he’d be able to see past the stuttering, awkward exterior and see her as a person, a person he could talk to, trust—maybe be with. She was smart (not as smart as him, but nobody seemed to be), and there was obviously nothing wrong with her in the dating department—she’d had loads of boyfriends, and all of them had been serious enough (except maybe Jim, but that had been a short romance anyway, and Jim had been silly, nothing at all like him). Toby came up purring, rubbing at her legs, and she crouched down to give him a quick pat before checking the clock. She wanted to be a bit late to make sure everyone would be there—he certainly wouldn’t do anything horrible in front of them. Especially not Mrs. Hudson.

So tonight, she was ready. She put on her best dress, did her hair up, and put on those eye-catching earrings that had always made her dates end well. A look in the mirror—something was missing. Her mouth needed a boost. Red lipstick did the trick. Look at you, Molly. Ready for some drinkies, yes you are. She nodded at herself. Yes, she was ready. This would do the trick, it had to—he was still a man, after all. No, he was more than that somehow, but he had all the basic parts, the makings—put him on a morgue slab and he’d be the same inside as anyone else. Oh, nope, don’t think like that. Don’t ruin it. Moving away from the mirror, she went to pack the gifts, putting his on top so the bow wouldn’t be ruined. It would be the first one she’d give, and he’d open it, and she could watch for the little curving of his lips, his brows rising in surprise at the thoughtful gesture. Perfect—it would be perfect. Nothing could ruin this night.

Well, except Sherlock himself, but it was Christmas. He wouldn’t ruin Christmas, would he?

Oh god this is the shortest app I’ve ever written hold me.</cut>
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