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FANDOM: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
CHRONOLOGY: At the end of chapter 51.
CLASS: ADORABLE LITTLE GIRL Hero A... good person.

According to Wiki, Nill’s world is “... a post-apocalyptic world where violence, crime, genetic manipulation and other cruel scientific experiments have become common...” That really about sums up Nill’s “childhood.” Likely kidnapped as a very small child, she was genetically spliced with some sort of bird, giving her a small set of wings on her back, very much like an angel’s. However, the consequence of such genetic engineering is that the subject loses something in return for what is given; it seems as if Nill has lost her voice box, as she is physically unable to speak. She can only make natural noises, like sighs or coughs; otherwise, she is completely silent.

The first time Nill and Heine meet is when she is trying to escape some bounty hunters; she had run away from a prostitution ring, and the proprietor decided that she was valuable enough to warrant capture. Heine saves her and takes her to a hotel, where she cleans up and he starts asking questions. However, since she can’t talk, he can only get her age at first, which she reveals to be fourteen by holding up her fingers. She tries to touch him comfortingly, but because of his phobia of women, Heine completely flips his shit and almost kills her. Almost immediately after, a hunter shows up and shoots Heine, and Nill is taken, believing her savior to be dead.

She is taken back to the whorehouse, where the proprietor decides to “train” her himself before selling her to clients. Heine shows up [he wasn’t dead by the way] with his comrade Badou, and the two proceed to shoot the hell out of everybody in the place. Nill takes the opportunity to escape from her prison room, and runs into Heine a bit down the hallway. He shoots over her head, killing the man chasing her. When he turns to Nill and asks if she’s afraid of him, she just smiles a bit and shakes her head; no, she isn’t afraid of the white-haired man who just kills everybody. Not at all. He saved her, after all.

Heine takes Nill back to the church in the underground which is his “base of operations.” There she meets Bishop, a blind priest with a fetish for Gothic Lolitas. Because of him, Nill is always dressed in ridiculous clothing. Anyway. We find out that for some reason, Heine won’t actually flip his shit when Nill touches him; apparently, mute teenage girls with wings are the exception to his gynophobia. She spells out her name on his hand, and now everybody knows what her name is. Hooray!

Also, Heine leaves her in the church with the creepy priest. It’s her new home. Granted, it’s way better than a whorehouse. She’s sad to see him go, but Bishop assures her that Heine will visit her as often as he can.

Some times has passed. Naoto, a young woman who can’t remember her real name, shows up at the church. Nill is sweeping the steps of the cathedral, and is surprised by her; however, Naoto just brushes her off as nonthreatening and waits for Heine. However, the church is attacked by a group of thugs hired by the man who runs the whorehouse; he really wants his prostitute-to-be back, you know. The men grab Nill, but Naoto unsheathes her sword and kicks all their asses. Bishop fawns and creeps over Nill, calling her his little angel.

Heine returns! Naoto tries to talk to him about something, but he keeps dodging her because she’s a woman. Nill watches, slightly distressed that someone is trying to get close to Heine when he doesn’t want them to. Everybody leaves to go kill people, and Nill presumably derps around the church with Bishop. But then he leaves too, and she’s all alone for a while baw.

Everybody comes back! Except for Bishop. Naoto says she’s lost a button on her coat, and Nill kidnaps her to try to sew it back on. She completely fails. But she’s shocked to see Naoto’s huge chest-scar, and Naoto assures her that it doesn’t hurt anymore. Then Nill goes back to trying to sew; she’s trying to learn so she can fix Heine’s bullet hole-filled clothes, but it isn’t going so well. So Naoto borrows one of Nill’s dresses, and they are the Ridiculous Sisters for a while.

Heine talks about his Terrible Childhood™ and Nill is sad and confused. She’s still working on that button, though—at least, until Badou steals the coat from her and just sews that shit up like it’s nothing. She is shocked and mortified. Badou makes fun of Naoto for not being very ladylike at all, and Nill laughs silently. Shortly after, there is some kind of explosion, and Nill cowers under a table; she doesn’t like those kinds of things, okay. Heine and Naoto go off to investigate, leaving Nill in the care of Badou. What a great idea that was. He starts talking to her about his past and stuff. It frightens her.

Anyway, Naoto and Heine and Bishop all come back; Naoto is unconscious because she had some kind of freak out, so Nill sits by her bedside until she wakes up. Badou leaves on some job. Heine and Bishop, whose name we now know is Ernest, spar on the altar. Nill walks in on Heine and Naoto having an awkward silence moment in the sanctuary. They argue and walk outside, just as Badou comes running up... while being chased by a car. And he runs right at Nill. So the car follows him. Yeah, he’s totally a good friend. But he tackles her needlessly out of the way anyway; Naoto and Heine completely obliterate the car on instinct. Heine kicks him in the face for endangering Nill. Nill sits there, dizzy and stunned.

After this ordeal, Heine and Badou take Naoto and Nill to see “Granny Liza,” who is going to babysit Nill, and even fixes her up with some new clothes! Naoto comes back into the room and Nill is So Happy™ because Naoto is the only other girl she spends time with ever. And then Liza and Nill and Liza’s assistants kidnap Naoto to put her in more girly clothing.

Badou goes on a mission somewhere. Trains crash. Nill hugs a half-naked Naoto for safety. Weird soldiers attack. Fighting everywhere. Some genetically mutated man calls Heine a monster, and Nill hits him uselessly. Naoto barges in and kills more people, and Nill cries a little. More explosions. Naoto is the only person who currently gives a shit what happens to her, and tries to save her. Suddenly, the niche thing where Nill and Granny and some others are hiding explodes. Luckily, Nill is unharmed! Naoto is disappoint that Heine didn’t try to save Nill. Everybody patches each other up, and Heine has a Big Revelation™ about his past

And this is where Nill comes to the City, right after going back inside so she can fail!sew some of the tattered clothing.

Nill is a very simple person; that doesn’t mean she is unintelligent, though she has had little to no formal schooling. She just has simple tastes, and appreciates small things in life. She spends her time walking on the backs of the pews in the church to practice her balance, sweeping the floors, trying to learn to sew, and worrying about Heine and Badou. She likes peace and quiet. She finds the outfits Bishop makes her wear to be ridiculous. She likes things to be plain and uncomplicated.

Since Heine rescued her, he is more or less her idol and probably one of the only people she really loves. Not like “oh man I wish I could talk so I could tell him sappy, romantic things,” but like “man he saved my life so I am forever in his debt he is so wonderful.” And that is how she treats him; like she owes him her life. Because she really does. She is very protective of him, and his friendship, and would literally do anything for him. He is her savior, her best friend, and she knows she can count on him if she’s ever in trouble.

She doesn’t trust very easily, since most, if not all, of the people she knew before meeting Heine were trying to beat and/or have sex with her. Men, especially, are difficult for her to trust; but if they’re friends with Heine, she figures they’re alright. Since she can’t speak, she expresses herself with her face and hand-gestures; it’s very easy to tell when she’s sad or happy, because she has a very emotive face. She has led a rather sheltered life since she began living in the church, and isn’t very familiar with things of the “outside world,” especially if they aren’t in the underground. She’s easily spooked by explosions and gunfire, which is kind of ironic seeing who she spends all her time with. Anyway. She tries to be as helpful as possible to people she trusts, because she knows she isn’t very physically strong, and generally relies on others to protect her.

Also, she will switch between referring to herself in third and first person whenever she figures out how to type on the comm.

Insta-Lolita: No matter what kind of clothing Nill puts on in the morning, it will automatically be transformed into some kind of Gothic Lolita outfit. This is Bishop’s ultimate fantasy. Also, after she develops this power [as if she would ever want to], she will be able to transform another person’s clothing into a Gothic Lolita outfit by touching the material and concentrating.

Heine-Radar: No matter where Heine is in the City [if we, you know, ever get one], she will always be able to find him.

I don’t want to count her wings as a power since... they’ve been grafted on to her body by The Power of Science™, but if I have to I will.


[First, there’s audio. There actually isn’t any sound, except that of shoes crunching on gravel as someone walks; from the sound of it, the person is pretty small. Then there’s something of a little huff, and then a very distressed-sounding breath being taken.

The footsteps stop. There’s silence for a few moments, and then some scratching as fingers run over the comm’s microphone. A softer brushing, as hair goes over it; she put it up to her ear. A few more curious taps with her fingers, and then the post ends. The text function is next.]

jwvbfg oynnejfi


he ine

[Finally, the video flips on. A pair of bright, bright, big blue eyes are blinking curiously at the communicator. The frame tips up to show straw-yellow bangs, and then up towards the sky. After a moment it swivels down to the ground, showing a pair of black Mary Janes on a gravel walkway. It swivels again up a young girl’s body, showing her to be wearing a Gothic Lolita-esque dress in shades of white, black, and pink. It comes to rest on her face, but the shot is upside-down.

Seeming to realize this, the girl flips the comm right-side-up. She tilts her head to one side, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulder. And now that it’s out of the way, one small, white wing is visible behind her back.

Suddenly, she looks very distressed; her eyes widen very noticeably, and her brow furrows. Now a pair of wings are very visible behind her; they’re standing straight up, twitching as if with agitation. Her lips press into a thin line, and then she turns the camera away from her, giving a panoramic view of where she is; she’s standing in front of a stone church. It looks pretty old, with crumbling spires and vines crawling up the outside walls.

The young girl turns the camera back to her, and her face is so obviously pleading. The recording times out on that face.]


The church was really the only safe place she knew.

The stones were crumbling, there were vines climbing up the walls, strangling and choking the structure from the foundation to the roof. But it wasn’t frightening to her. It was actually beautiful; the way the green of the plants contrasted with the faded, rugged grey of the stones. The way the spires pushed up against the sky, trying to escape the ground, reaching for the sky as hard as they could. It was inspiring and wonderful, and made her feel as if she could do the same.

Small wings pressed tightly against her back, Nill gently pushed open the church’s rotting wooden double-doors. They swung open without a sound, and the tiniest bit of light filtered in behind her, casting a long shadow down the stone aisle. Her wings flicked out just a bit, seeming to test the place. She couldn’t sense anything particularly bad about the sanctuary; but there was nothing good about it, either. It felt as if the building was empty, as if the once holy ground had been abandoned long ago. The thought made her sad, and her wings drooped as her eyes scanned the pews. All empty. The altar was empty as well, with not even a cloth to cover the stone table where the bread and wine should be.

Almost silently, Nill’s wings fluttered as she jumped to the back of one of the pews. As if she were a circus performer, she lightly hopped from one bench to the next, wings outspread to help keep her balance. She looked around the place curiously, hearing nothing but the occasional skitter of a mouse, disturbed by her intrusion. She paused at the second-to-front pew, and her blue eyes were drawn to the large cross hanging above the altar. She stepped down from the back of the pew, gently settling into the seat properly, her wings folding around her shoulders like a shawl.

Heine would like this place, she decided. It was quiet. Away from the world. And only she was there. Yes, he would like that, she thought. She knew that he liked being around her, that she kept him calm, even if he never said it out loud. He didn’t have to. She knew, deep inside her heart, that he cared about her, and that he would never let anything bad happen to her.

Which was why she thought this place wasn’t so bad. Because Heine wouldn’t let her go there if it was. She knew that, and held on to that hope as she stared silently at the cross, hands clasped firmly in her lap.

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