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FANDOM: Final Fantasy X-2.
CHRONOLOGY: Post-game.
CLASS: Hero!!
ALTER EGO: That chick who lives with Santo.

Born to a set of Al Bhed parents, Rikku was raised as most others of her race were—behind the walls of Home in the Sanubia Sands, away from the religious influences of Yevon. Bikanel Island is where she grew up; it's an out-of-the-way island that's basically just one big desert. She was pretty much raised in a garage, surrounded by tools and machina, her world's version of machines. As she got older, she came to understand the hate between her people and most of the rest of Spira, and grew accustomed to ethnic slurs and dirty looks anytime she set foot off of the island her people had dubbed a safe haven. As her father, Cid, was the self-appointed maytan (leader) of her entire race, she was considered a sort of “princess.” However, she has never embraced this position, and expertly avoids any mention of it; she also becomes quite annoyed and upset whenever it's brought up, even if in a completely innocent and unassuming manner.

When she was six years old, she got into an argument with her family and ran into the desert; there, she came into contact with a haywire machina which attempted to stab her. Right before it could impale her, however, her mother rushed in and took the blow, dismantling the machine before dying right in front of Rikku's eyes. Ever since, the girl has had a strong sense of family and won't tolerate her friends being injured in any way. Even though she often argues with her relatives, she would never abandon them or let them come to any harm if there was something she could do to prevent it. She has an undying strength of loyalty to those she considers important, and would willingly make the same sacrifice her mother did, if need be. This fierce love for others played a big part in her later decision to become a Guardian.

Just before her mother's death, she met a boy named Gippal; he had come to Home with his mother, without any trace of his father. Intrigued by his eye patch and the murky story surrounding his arrival on Bikanel, she was determined to find out more about him. Quickly (after a few minor scuffles, I'm sure), he and Rikku became the best of friends and were basically inseparable; one could call them childhood sweethearts, in spite of the fact that he was a year older than her. Also, Cid became sort of a father-figure to Gippal, and the one-eyed boy's mother assumed the role of Rikku's surrogate mother. It was a convenient, if bitter, turn of events that only brought the two young Al Bhed closer together.

A few years after she met Gippal, Rikku was at the oasis with Brother. A water fiend rose from the depths, and attacked her without warning. Still clumsy in the field of magic use, he shot a thunder spell at the creature, but missed horribly. Of course, he ended up hitting his younger sister instead, throwing her back into the rocks and knocking her unconscious. After suffering from amnesia for three days, she recovered her memories, but has never really forgiven her elder sibling for his lack of aim. Ever since, she has suffered from astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning.

At the age of fifteen, she found out that Gippal, was leaving Home. Rikku had no idea of where he was going or why—all she knew was that her best friend was leaving her, and the thought terrified her. Finding him the night before he left, she demanded an explanation for his abandonment. After he refused to give one, she told him that she had decided to become a Guardian for her cousin, Yuna. The two realized that they were both heading out for dangerous futures, and knew they might not see each other again once they set out. With this knowledge in mind, they made the mutual decision to make love for the first—and possibly last—time. That was the second time Gippal had ever asked Rikku to trust him, and she did so without question.

About halfway through the Pilgrimage, Rikku caught up with her elder cousin, and enrolled herself as a member of the diverse crew of Guardians. Quickly, she came to look up to Lulu (the resident black mage) and Auron (the resident warrior) as role-models. She and another Guardian, Wakka, became friends as well; however, Wakka was an avid believer in Yevon, and the moment he found out that Rikku was Al Bhed, he renounced their friendship. After attempt after attempt to prove to him that she was not a heathen, he finally relented and admitted that he liked her anyway, no matter her ethnicity.

Before Home was put under siege, Rikku received word that Gippal had joined an Al Bhed-friendly faction of the Crusaders. Knowing that the Crusaders had worked in unison with Al Bhed to create a machina to destroy Sin at Operation Mi'ihen, she assumed that was where Gippal had been stationed. With the knowledge that many of her people had died there, she sought out the one person she was positive would know her best friend's whereabouts—Rin. He told her that Gippal had already been sent to Home, so she knew he was alive, for the time being. As not all the Al Bhed got away on the airship, one of which was Gippal, there was an extended period of time where Rikku was under the impression that Gippal was either missing or dead, and he thought the same of her. Not until much later is it assumed that the two find out that the other is indeed still alive.

Just before Yuna's marriage to Seymour, the Guado launched an attack on Home. Desperate to save both the Summoners and her people, Rikku led the other Guardians into the bowels of the machina city to try and rid it of fiends. Unable to do much except slow them down, all of the remaining Al Bhed piled onto the airship, Fahrenheit, and abandoned their haven. In a last-minute act of defiance, Cid decided to destroy Home; the airship launched several missiles at it, sending the city back into the sands from whence it had come, along with all the monsters inside. Rikku's eldest brother, Keyakku, was killed before she and the other Guardians arrived on Bikanel to help; his death weighs heavily on her conscious, as she still believes that if she had been perhaps a few seconds faster or a tiny bit stronger, she would have been able to save him.

Two years pass after Sin is defeated; Spira finally has the pleasure of the Eternal Calm. During this time, Rikku changes rapidly (in character and dress), and travels all around the world to teach people about machina and its various uses.

However, peace doesn't last long; a new threat has arrived, and it's up to the Gullwings—Rikku and Brother's sphere hunting group—to clean up trouble. Yuna, Rikku, and Paine—better known as YRP—fly across Spira on the airship Celsius, beating down their sphere hunting competition and defeating fiends and corrupt Aeons alike. At one point in their journey, in the Den of Woe, Rikku becomes possessed by an Unsent called Shuyin, and actually attacks her comrades, under the delusion that they're fiends.

Also, Rikku meets up with Gippal again at the centre of the Machine Faction, Djose Temple. Immediately recognizing him, she tries to play it cool with her now-famous cousin and describes him as "alright." In turn, the eighteen year old boy remarks that he and Rikku "made quite the couple." Obviously embarrassed by this, she becomes flustered and can't really find anything else to say to him. This initial meeting is short-lived, but the two continue to run into each other as YRP makes their way towards Bevelle to finally reveal Vegnagun and expose Yevon's (and New Yevon's) secrets.

Note; All events that take place before FFX/X-2 are part of my personal background for Rikku. Almost everything that happens during this time, especially those dealing with other characters of the fandom, is subject to change at other muns’ discretion.

Rikku is a bubbly and lively seventeen eighteen year old girl who was born and raised in Home, an Al Bhed settlement on Bikanel Island. She isn’t afraid to flirt, and will use her attractive body to her advantage. She loves to talk and sometimes waves her arms around when she gets excited. Whenever she does this, the circles and arcs that she draws in the air seem to have meaning to no one but herself. She tends to make humorous remarks in dangerous or anxious situations, and often speaks without thinking. Most people view her as a total ditz, but there’s much more to the package.

Since she is an Al Bhed, she can speak both her native language, surprisingly called Al Bhed, as well as English. Rikku has a strong sense of what is right and wrong (even though she’s a thief, born and bred), and will usually put another’s safety before her own. She's very caring and will often help out others whenever she can, even if it can mean getting into trouble. When push comes to shove, though, she’s an apt fighter and isn’t afraid to bleed or spill a little blood if she has to. When she gets really frustrated with one thing or another, she has been known to pick fights in order to “vent.” Sometimes, though, she can be childish and selfish, but over the years these instances have decreased tremendously. She has a fetish for toying with machina, and will gladly mix up explosives when asked or sometimes if she’s just bored.

It’s obvious that she’s extremely confident in herself, not just because of her garment choices, but also because of her entire demeanor. She’s outgoing, speaks her mind, and is rather egotistical at times. Insulting her is a chore, because she usually takes any lewd comments in stride, sometimes shooting back one of her own. I mean, when you think about her growing up in a house full of men in a community that didn’t discriminate based on gender, you have to believe that she can hold her own when it comes to bawdy jokes and the like. She knows that she can get what she wants, is aware that she’s attractive, and is perfectly willing to do almost whatever it takes to achieve a goal.

Rikku’s ability will be the power to transform into her dresspheres at will. In the City, any magical properties her dresspheres have—except for the Black and White Mage dresspheres—will be negated. For example:
The Gunner would allow her to use a gun, but without the Gunplay abilities.
The Warrior would let her wield a sword, without the Swordplay abilities.
The Gun Mage would come without the Blue Bullet and Fiend Hunter abilities, but with the gun.
The Alchemist would be without the Stash ability, but would give her the gun.
The Samurai would come with the sword, but without the Bushido abilities.
The Dark Knight would simply make her a warrior with dark armor and a sword; she would not be able to use the Arcana or Darkness abilities.
The Berserker would come without the Instinct abilities, but would give her the increased agility and strength.
The Songstress would not have the Dance and Sing abilities, but would, well, make her a good dancer and singer and give her that nifty microphone.
The Lady Luck sphere would come with the huge cards and tattoo (and maybe make her a little extra lucky), but not the Gamble abilities.
The Trainer would bring in Ghiki, but not his abilities; he’d just be her pet/companion for the duration of her stay in the dresspheres.
The Mascot, well. The ridiculous costume is enough, without the Wildcat abilities.
The Omatsurishi, or Festival-Goer would... put her in her jammies and give her a goldfish in a bag. None of the abilities would come with it, except the ability to go to a festival and win a goldfish in a ring-toss.
The Saikikka, or Psychic, would come with the schoolgirl outfit and visor (and I guess a hunger for science-like things), but none of the Psionics abilities.
Machina Maw could only be used the way it is in the game; when Rikku has changed into all of her current dresspheres. Since she’ll technically have them all equipped, always, she won’t be able to use it until she’s been in every other dresspheres. But, in the instance that she does use it, it’ll just be the giant machina, without the Machinations, Smash and Crush abilities.
The Black Mage and White Mage dresspheres would be the only exceptions to these rules, since their only form of offense/defense is magic.

There will also be a limit on the amount of time she can spend in any of these dresspheres—let's say a half hour at a time. And she can only use each one once a day—there's a 24 hour "cool-down" period after each one, so if she used the Samurai at 2:24 P.M. today, she wouldn't be able to use it until 2:25 P.M. tomorrow. And needless to say, all these transformations will also alter her form of dress.




p.s. all of her City!memories will be intact.
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